Reason for Joy

We can take joy in the truth of Christ, who was to come, who will return, and who will restore us and bring us home.


Reason for Hope

We celebrate Advent to recognize the hope we have in Christ.

December 4, 2017December 4, 2017by

Chosen to Serve

Being chosen for salvation by God for salvation should excite us. Are we excited to be God's servants?


What is a Christian?

Christians confess we are sinners in need of God, who turn to Christ, and who are born again by receiving the Holy Spirit.

November 13, 2017November 13, 2017by

How Do We Live as Family?

The Bible demonstrates how community in Christ ought to regard one another as family, taking care of each other's needs.


Be Wise

A wise person seizes the opportunity of time, and a wise person seeks to do the will of the Lord. Be wise, for the days are evil.


In God We Trust

Faith not only invites trust, but commands we do so with all of our hearts, without leaning on our own understandings.


Praying to God

Whatever our desire or need, prayer is God's appointed way to communicate with Him.

October 8, 2017October 8, 2017by