Churches in Cedar Hill, TX

If you search for “Churches in Cedar Hill, TX” in Google Maps, you will receive over 40 results. These churches serve a community of about 50,000 people, which comes to about 1,250 people per church. These people do not all come to church, but they all need the church to be a beacon of the Lord’s mercy and grace, preaching and living the Gospel in every way possible — whether they realize it or not.

Cedar Hill – A City That Needs Jesus

Religion statistics for Cedar Hill, Texas (based on Dallas County Data) in 2010.

0% Evangelical Protestant
0% Catholic
0% Mainline Protestant
0% Other
0% Black Protestant
0% None

A Diverse City in the Heart of the Bible Belt

According to the Dallas Morning News, Cedar Hill is ranked number one for young people to live in the Southwest area. Cedar Hill is also very diverse and not particularly dominated by one ethnicity in any area, though African Americans make up more than 50% of the city. Below are the population percentages and median incomes (MI) as of 2013

Prime Location for Growth in the DFW Metroplex

There is population growth potential for Cedar Hill. The population density is 1,327 per square mile, which is considered low. This compares to a population density of Arlington of 3,962, and for Grand Prairie, 2,568.

Our Heart for Reconciliation

Striving for unity in a fallen world of sin and conflict.


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