We freely live out the Gospel in Community

We exist to help all people believe, live, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the ways that we do this is by joining and participating in one of Omni's Gathering Groups. Gathering Groups are small groups of 10-12 people that meet each week to believe, live, and share the Gospel together.  At Omni, this is the primary place we live out community amongst other believers. As we live life together, showing hospitality, serving, and praying for one another, we believe that we will grow deeper in our walks with Jesus. In an ongoing way, we are helping each other deeply believe the gospel, freely live the gospel, and boldly share it with all people.  

Monthly Rhythm 

At Omni, we have a monthly rhythm for our GGs that lines up with our mission as a church to believe, live, and share the Gospel. This allows for our groups to live out the mission of Omni and to be truly a community of God's people on mission for His glory. 

  • Believe Week- Bible Study 

  • Live Week- Intentional Fellowship night 

  • Prayer Week- Attend Omni's prayer night 

  • Share Week- Outreach or Mission opportunity 


Gathering Group FAQ 

Do I have to be a member to attend a Gathering group? 

No. We welcome and encourage our visitors and regular attenders to check out an Omni Gathering Group. It is a great way to get to know the Omni family and learn more before possibly joining the church. 

If I am a member do I have to be in a Gathering Group? 

All Omni members sign a membership covenant agreeing to be in a Gathering Group. It is also a vital part of the mission of Omni that we would live out the Gospel in community. We certainly understand that you cannot make every meeting; however, we want all of our members to belong to a group to ensure that you will  be supported, encouraged, and flourish in your walk with Jesus. 

Is a Gathering Group just a bible study? 

No. A gathering group is meant to be a small community of God's people that are working together to believe, live, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gathering Groups provide a monthly rhythm in order to promote a balance of study, fellowship, and mission for each group.

Where do Gathering Groups meet? 

Our Gathering Groups meet in member's homes. 

When do Gathering Groups meet? 

Each Group decides when to meet during the week. We currently have groups meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. It is up to each group to determine a night and time that works well for those involved.

 How do I join a Gathering Group? 

Please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you soon to discuss a recommendation for a group. 

Find an Omni Gathering Group

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