Omni Kids

We make it our priority to ENGAGE Omni Kids every week through Bible Study and activities.  

We have 3 main classes for kids at Omni Fellowship:

  1. BABIES (0-3YRS)
  3. BIGS (1ST - 5TH GRADE).


Our 'Babies' class is for infants through - 3 year-old kids. We have an AWESOME time as we hear stories about God, sing to God, play, and explore together. 




This class is for Pre-K through Kindergartner-aged kids. We have an EXCITING time together, learning God's Word, worshiping, playing, and creating crafts that remind us of God's love.  









Our ‘Bigs’ class is for 1st - 5th aged kids. we strive to teach foundational truths through weekly Bible stories, prayer, and hands-on activities.  Each child is exposed weekly to the truth and power of the Gospel and given tools to carry it over into everyday life.