Living out the Gospel in Service

We exist to help all people believe, live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the ways in which we do this is through serving in the various ministries  at Omni. Our hope is that everyone would be faithfully serve in some capacity at Omni. It takes all of us to make ministry happen on Sundays and beyond. Without people to set up and tear down, there would be no worship service. Without people to teach and care for our children, there would be no Omni Kids. Without people to greet and welcome new visitors, there would be no hospitality. Without people to lead and host gathering groups in their homes, there would be no gospel communities in neighborhoods. Omni truly relies on the presence and faithfulness of our volunteers to serve the city of Cedar Hill and beyond. While we do rely on the service of others for ministry at Omni, we also want to remember that serving God or His people is not a substitute for knowing and believing the gospel. No one can serve so much or so well as to be righteous before God. We must understand and believe that the Gospel alone makes us right with God and we serve out of a joyful heart for what God has done for us. So we desire for each person that serves at Omni to do so out of gratitude and obedience to the work of the Gospel in their own lives. 









Serving FAQ


No. We welcome and encourage our visitors and regular attenders to get involved in the many volunteer opportunities available at Omni. Serving is one of the best ways to connect at Omni. No matter your skillset, there’s a place for you to plug in to help make ministry happen.


Yes. All Omni members sign a membership covenant agreeing to serve at Omni. It is also a vital part of the mission of Omni that we would live out the Gospel in service. We certainly want to make sure that everyone is serving in a healthy capacity, however, we want all of our members to use their gifts to serve the body in order that the body would grow and flourish as well as the individual. 

How much am I required to serve? 

There is not a set amount of time that you're required you to serve, we will work with each individual on what works best for them. Our desire is to see everyone serving in a healthy capacity in order that no one gets burned out and we all equally carry out the work of ministry. 

Can my kids serve with me? 

Yes. We want to provide opportunities for people of all ages to serve here at Omni and would love to have families serve together. We believe that allowing kids to serve in appropriate ministries is a fantastic way to teach and disciple them in the faith. 

Are there only opportunities to serve inside the church? 

No. Our hope is that along with serving on a ministry team that you would also be connected to a gathering group where you would be serving our city as a Gospel community. We also have church-wide outreach opportunities and welcome your participation. To learn more about our outside opportunities and how we are striving to share the Gospel with our city please visit "Our City" 

How do I get connected to serve? 

Please complete the form below and a ministry leader will be in contact with you soon about serving. 

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