A key way that we live out the 'Share' aspect of our mission is by being a resource of care to those in times of hardship. Our purpose in this ministry is to provide counseling and material assistance in the name and to the glory of Jesus Christ. Our intention is to keep this ministry as an explicit testimony to the love of Jesus Christ, not simply to provide services. Benevolence is defined as an act of kindness, charitableness, good will, generosity or expressions of Christian love intended to address the needs of the poor and distressed. It is specifically intended to address “life-threatening” or “life-hindering” situations. Benevolence is not strictly an event, it is a vital part of ministering within the body of believers. It is important to realize that benevolence is a quality of our life in Christ and not merely a matter of financial assistance. Exercising of benevolence should be used as an opportunity to proclaim the love of God.

If you are in need of assistance, contact us to schedule an appointment with a staff member.

Care Needs?