Hello Omni families!

This coming Sunday, August 14th will be our Promotion Sunday in Children’s Ministry at Omni. We will have some treats as we celebrate those who are moving up. Here is a reminder of who will be moving up:

1. Anyone from the Babies/Toddlers Room that has turned 3 will now move into the Littles (3s-5s) Room.
2. Anyone from the Littles (3s-5s) Room that has started or will be starting 1st grade will move into the Bigs (1st-5th) Room.
3. Anyone from the Bigs (1st-5th) Room that has started or will be starting 6th grade will move out of Sunday morning children’s ministry and is invited to join Omni Youth!

Excited to see you all Sunday!

Erica Stanfill | Children’s Ministry Director
Omni Fellowship | omnifellowship.com