2 Peter 3:14-18

It’s Time

Pastor D.B. Valentine | 11.12.23

A Summary of 2 Peter 3

In 2 Peter 3, the apostle Peter addresses Christians facing scoffers who doubt Jesus’ return. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Warning against scoffers: Peter warns believers not to be swayed by those who mock the idea of Christ’s return.
  • God’s judgment is certain: Peter reminds readers that God has judged the world before (referencing Noah’s flood) and will do so again, this time with fire.
  • God’s timing is different: Peter explains that God’s perspective on time differs from ours. What seems like a delay is actually God’s patience, offering everyone a chance to repent.
  • The Day of the Lord: The chapter describes the dramatic events of the Day of the Lord, when the heavens will be dissolved and the elements consumed by fire.
  • Living holy lives: In light of the coming judgment, Peter urges believers to live holy and blameless lives, eagerly awaiting Christ’s return.
  • Hastening the Day of God: Peter mentions that believers, through holy living and spreading the gospel, can in a sense prepare for the Day of God.

Overall, 2 Peter 3 is a call for perseverance and faithfulness in the face of doubt, while living a life that reflects Christ’s teachings.