We are glad you have chosen to learn more about Omni Fellowship! This class is the basic introduction to our church family. Since people from many different church backgrounds may have a desire to become members of Omni Fellowship this class is designed to clearly explain the “who” and “what” of our church.

We live in the age of Consumerism. Most people, even those claiming to follow Jesus, treat the church like a buffet. We’ll take a few items from this church and a few items from that one. All the while we are missing the primary point. We are meant to give our lives away to the body of Christ, the Church. It is unthinkable that an arm could live apart from the body. It is also unthinkable that a finger would find purpose disconnected from the hand, however, this ideology or thought process is common in our culture.

Many people calling themselves Christians have separated themselves from the blessings found in the body of Christ. The parts of the body find meaning and purpose as they work together with one another. This metaphor holds true with your life (a part/a member) and the church (the body). As you give your life away in sacrificial service to the local church, purpose and meaning follow. Our call as followers of Christ is to sacrificially commit our lives to building the Kingdom of God through the local church. We invite you into the movement! We invite you into a radical engagement of life and mission, soul and gifts! We invite you into the body of Christ.

We want you to know up front that Omni Fellowship longs to be a movement helping all people believe, live, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not exist for the sake of entertainment, but for the sake of eternity. We are fighting not with guns, but with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and prayer. Our enemy is real and his tactics are subtle. His weapons of sin and rebellion are devastating. We fight not for land, position, power or wealth; instead we fight for the glory of God, the advancement of His kingdom and the extending of His love. That is what we want you to discover.

One in Him,

Pastor Valentine
Lead Servant